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Nutrition facts

Nutrition Scenario in our Country & across the Globe

4% of India’s GDP lost due to Malnutrition.

The country suffers from the double burden of malnutrition and ‘Hidden hunger’. It is also home to the greatest number of malnourished children all across the world.

Source: What Impacts Child Malnutrition in India and Why We Need to Be Aware of These Factors   

Let’s take a look at the Nutritional & Health Status of Indians

National Family Health Survey (NFHS) - 5 (2019-21)

Most comprehensive survey to date on the health and nutrition indicators of India’s men, women and children. The survey provides datapoints for overall India and separately for each State/Union Territory (UT).

CHILDREN (Under age 5)
67.1 % - Anaemic
3.4 % - Overweight high weight for height
35.5 % - Stunted low height-for-age
19.3 % - Wasted low weight-for-height
32.1 % - Underweight low weight-for-age
25 % - Anaemic
22.9 % - Overweight or obese
24 % - Hypertensive
15.6 % - Diabetic
52.2 % - Pregnant women- Anaemic
57.2 % - Non-Pregnant women- Anaemic
24 % - Overweight or obese
21.3 % - Hypertensive
13.5 % - Diabetic

Source: National Family Health Survey(NFHS-5) 2019-21   

Protein Deficiency Issue in India

Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) is a major public health problem in India. This affects the child at the most crucial period of time of development, which can lead to permanent impairment in later life. PEM is measured in terms of underweight, stunting and wasting.

As per an IMRB Survey done in 2017 in 6 urban Indian cities
  • 7 out of 10 indians are protein deficient

  • Pregnant women are unaware of protein needs

  • Diets are protein deficient.

  • People wrongly believed that leafy vegetables are a source of protein

Source: Majority of urban rich Indians don’t eat enough proteins

Global Nutrition Scenario as per the Global Nutrition Report 2021

The Global Nutrition Report is the world’s leading independent assessment of the state of global nutrition. It provides a concise data-focused update on the state of diets and nutrition in the world.

All around the world, too few countries are on course to meet nutrition targets

*Maternal, infant and young child nutrition targets 2025 (WHO) - 194 countries assessed
Childhood stunting

*40% reduction in the number of children under 5 who are stunted.

Childhood wasting

*Reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 5%


*50% reduction of anaemia in women of reproductive age.

Childhood overweight

*No increase in childhood overweight.

*Global non-communicable disease targets for 2025 (WHO) - 194 countries assessed

Source: Global Nutrition Report   

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