CH03 Dynamics of Food Group & Balanced Diet


There are 5 basic foods & each of them provides a range of nutrients, and all have a role in helping the body function.

  1. Cereals Like rice, wheat, millets, oats etc.
  2. Pulses Contain beans, peas, soya beans, lentils etc.
  3. Fruits & Vegetables Fruits including guava, apple, mango, banana, melons etc. Vegetables include all roots and tubers, leafy vegetables and others such as bitter guard, lady fingers, tomato etc.
  4. Fats & Oils Includes cooking oils like sunflower, mustard, coconut oil etc., fat from nuts and seeds.
  5. Diary & Meat Milk &Milk products like cheese, butter, cream, paneer, curd and animal products including meat, sea food, egg etc.



A Balanced diet is a nourishing, wholesome diet which provides adequate proportions of essential nutrients from all Food Groups necessary to maintain good health along with non-nutrients such as dietary fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals which bestow positive health benefits & supports a Healthy Immune system as well.




In order to stay happy and healthy, one should follow a proper balanced diet to ensure that our body gets all the nutrients and non- nutrients along with adequate intake of water, 8-10 hours of good sleep and 30-45 mins of Physical activity



Understanding and consuming ALL FOOD GROUPS in the RIGHT PORTIONS is critical to maintain a Balanced Diet. National Institute of Nutrition has recommended portions for various food groups baisi gender, age and lifestyle.

Your Daily Food Portions: 


                                My plate!