Children (2-12 years)

Childhood is a period of continuous growth and development, to ensure that this achieved optimally, it is important to give children a nutritionally adequate & well-balanced diet

Key Nutrients

  • Protein, for growth & repair of tissues and muscles and support the transition to puberty
  • Calcium, for bone growth and development
  • Vitamin D, for strong bones and absorption of calcium
  • Iron & Folic acid, for red blood cell production and prevention of anemia
  • Vitamin A, to support eye health and prevent infections
  • Vitamin C, for immunity

Heathy tips for children

  • Include all food groups to ensure optimal nutrition along with adequate intake of water
  • Make the plate colorful by including variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Encourage involvement in food preparation for easy acceptance of new foods
  • Encourage physical activity for optimal growth
  • Ensure sufficient consumption of milk and milk products
  • Present finger foods to preschoolers
  • Emphasize on the child's likes and dislikes